Treatment planning & decision making

Mithridade Davarpanah, Philippe Rajzbaum, Serge Szmukler-Moncler, Keyvan Davarpanah, Eric van Dooren

This book on the logic of implantology treatment decisions and sequences is for practitioners who want to adopt good practices and a working method for making sound treatment decisions in the field of implantology.

To achieve this, we have to properly assess the initial clinical situation in terms of risks and difficulties in relation to the desired result, especially in the anterior region. And so, we need to ask ourselves: Will we be able to carry out this treatment? How? And how easily?.

The authors review the latest concepts in implantology and describe a new 10-point clinical assessment grid (CAG). Its purpose is to facilitate assessment of «soft tissue» and «hard tissue» parameters to be able to predict the achievable result. A decision tree with treatment options (Dec Tree) complements the CAG. Its purpose is to help a treatment team determine the most appropriate treatment sequence both in terms of surgery and prosthetics.

The impact of each CAG parameter operates in a specific manner on the timing of the implant placement, which may be immediate or delayed, on the actions to be performed on the hard and soft tissue and on the temporization technique. By a process of elimination, a decision tree with various treatment options can be put in place, indicating the most appropriate surgical and prosthetic sequence.

This system is applicable to a wide range of indications including advanced prosthetic solutions. A guided surgery case study involving a new type of 3D printed guide as used by Dr Eric van Dooren is also presented.

The purpose of this book is therefore to provide decision-making and action-planning tools for more reliable and more predictable implantology in terms of the tissue results. It should enable the reader to operate in a more confident and stress-free manner.

Mithridade Davarpanah, Philippe Rajzbaum, Serge Szmukler-Moncler, Keyvan Davarpanah, Eric van Dooren
Sarah Sater, Amélie Belinchon Sanchez, Pascal Zyman, Philippe Almayrac, Nicolas Millière, Vincent de Bailliencourt, Fabrice Capitaine

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